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Exelerate App

Software used: Xamarin Forms, Mircrosoft Excel

Launched: 2016

This self-driven project was initiated after realising the number of small businesses that drove their workflows via Excel Spreadsheets – which limited the portability and ease of use of the data sheet.

The result is the Excelerate App, which allows Excel Spreadsheets to be opened on a mobile device while retaining a user-friendly, ‘app-like’ appearance that people expect on mobile devices. The app has 3 pre-installed Excel templates which can be opened by the customer in the desktop version of  Excel, allowing them to customise the functionality to suit their needs.

The standard templates are:

  • Calculator: This template was designed to help sales people quickly generate a price for a series of products which might be subject to bulk- or multiple-purchase discounts; or discounts for linked or grouped products. By using the app, the Sales Person has access to all the pricing information required to calculate a complex quote on the road. When prices or quantities are changed, they can be easily updated in the Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Contact List: This template allows the user to create new contacts to their Excel Spreadsheet, which can then be downloaded and imported into their CRM of choice.
  • Equipment Register: This template allows the entry of device information including barcodes (which can be scanned) and dollar values, to allow IT and Office Managers to easily keep track of equipment in their office. The portability of the app allows the user to move around the office and enter data, then download the Excel Spreadsheet of office equipment to keep on file; plus have an overall dollar value of all equipment owned by the business.

In addition to these templates which have been created for specific use-case scenarios, users can also create their own templates to input and store their own data.

About Me

I've been designing and building software for over 30 years. In that time I've worked across the world with numerous organisations in a wide range of verticals, utilising a wide range of technologies - including speech recognition; mobile device platforms; and medical hardware integration.