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Surgical Early Warning System

Software used: Visual Studio, WPF, Caliburn Micro

Dabble Apps was contracted to develop an early warning system for use during surgical procedures.

The client was a seasoned anesthetist whom had embodied his many years of experience into a set of concise algorithms. When applied in real-time, these algorithms can identify clinical conditions much sooner than a human is capable, reducing the risk of negative outcomes due to inexperience or delay. Provided only with a loose set of Excel spreadsheets, Dabble was required to select a viable platform and set of technologies, structure a development process for quality assurance, and ultimately build and deliver the application. The final product included highly detailed algorithm schematics, and comprehensive unit tests that are driven by the same source Excel spreadsheets, allowing the client to retain his process of refining the product logic in Excel spreadsheet form – while mitigating regression. Leveraging touch, and WPF on Microsoft Windows, an application was built that tightly integrated with the GE Carescape family of anaesthetic monitors, and the software piloted in hospitals throughout New Zealand. Due to the MVVM artitecture, an additional educational version of the application was able be quickly derived, allowing the replay of actual surgeries in an academic environment.

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I've been designing and building software for over 30 years. In that time I've worked across the world with numerous organisations in a wide range of verticals, utilising a wide range of technologies - including speech recognition; mobile device platforms; and medical hardware integration.